It’s All About the View from These Spectacular Waterfront Homes

The ocean view—still one of the hottest real estate commodities around. Who doesn’t enjoy the chance to gaze across a sparkling sea toward the sunset, let alone from their very own living room? From Canada to California, South Florida to Mexico, here are some of our favorite waterfront properties now on the market.


Situated on a nearly one-acre stretch of waterfront on Vancouver Island’s picturesque Genoa Bay (pictured at top), this eight-bedroom home, represented by Brian Danyliw, offers a living experience that changes with the seasons, much like the sea life around it. Whales, sea lions and jumping fish can be seen from the private terrace, while the neighboring marina accommodates arrival by seaplane or boat. Bringing waterfront living to a whole new level—literally—the great room features a boat mounted from the ceiling, an homage to the island’s seafaring culture. Sunshine always brightens at least one of the many expansive patios, and every room has a view from this exceptional waterfront gem.


A contemporary coastal farmhouse on the coveted Malibu oceanfront, this newly constructed home designed by Doug Burdge AIA captures views up and down the coast from behind the gates of Malibu Colony. One of the last remaining remodeled tea houses in Malibu Colony, the four-bedroom home, represented by Sandro Dazzan, boasts an entirely new foundation, a guest house and an enviable indoor-outdoor flow. The main house boasts a dramatic great room with vaulted ceilings and authentic vintage barn wood. Interiors transition seamlessly to the expansive Ipe wooden deck with a sunken spa located mere steps above the sand and surf.


Turquoise waters at your front door, a private 10,000-square-foot Caribbean beach at your back door. It doesn’t get much better than Tip of the Tail, an ultra-private villa represented by Ian Hurdle and nestled along the shores of Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Encompassing 500 feet of oceanfront and 1.1 acres of lush, tropical land on the Caicos Banks, Tip of the Tail mesmerizes, with crisp, cool contemporary style and masterfully designed indoor-outdoor living. Among the six-bedroom home’s enviable amenities are a powdery, white-sand beach, lagoon teeming with tropical fish, a private beach bar, dining space for 20, zen garden, glass-walled pool and yoga deck, and world-class snorkeling, paddleboarding and kayaking just beyond the doorstep.


An oceanfront sanctuary along the Orange County coast, this five-bedroom masterpiece, represented by Andrew McDonaldLinda Chan and Sana Amarith, captures vast ocean and sunset views from its distinctly private Laguna Beach bluff. Flawlessly designed by the acclaimed Horst Architects, the home took eight years to construct, incorporating sleek lines and the finest hand-selected materials. Window walls frame endless views while interiors showcase powerful precision and harmony. Steps lead to a private, pristine beach pool, while additional amenities include manicured grounds, expansive terraces and an auto gallery for up to nine cars.


Swaying palms surround this Hacienda-style villa, situated along the picturesque Banderas Bay and behind the gates of Punta de Mita’s exclusive El Farallon community. The five-bedroom home, represented by Alejandro Aldrete and Alejandra Wulff, features expansive shaded terraces, ample indoor-outdoor entertaining spaces and an infinity-edged pool that appears to drop off to the sea below. Mexican art adorns the walls, palapa roofs soar above outdoor living areas and private bedroom suites open to ocean-view terraces, making Casa Cantamar the ultimate Mexican beach retreat.


Las Olas features 165 miles of waterways, which helped earn Fort Lauderdale the honorable distinction of “Venice in America.” Situated directly on the scenic and tranquil Sunset Lake, 353 Sunset Drive is a boutique collection of eight waterfront residences showcasing masterful modern design and sweeping lake and sunset views. Floor-to-ceiling windows bathe interiors in natural light, while uniquely expansive three-bedroom floor plans extend to 12-foot deep private terraces with summer kitchens. Four remaining residences, represented by The Agency Collective South Florida, include one penthouse with a private rooftop terrace and spa. Completing the casual yet sophisticated living experience is a private lakefront pool and private, deep-water yacht slips available for purchase.


Direct oceanfront property is a rare, highly sought-after luxury in Hillsboro Beach, Florida, which makes this meticulously remodeled home so uniquely special. Situated on prime beachfront in Hillsboro Beach & Yacht Villas, the home, represented by Chris FranciosaJared Ringel and Anne Marie Dietz features expansive terraces and grassy knolls overlooking the ocean beyond. Abundantly lit interiors showcase expansive windows, with ocean views enjoyed from nearly every room.


Spend each day with your toes in the sand of Malibu’s fabled, sandy La Costa beach from this gorgeous contemporary home now available for lease. The four-bedroom oceanfront residence, represented by Cooper Mount, features an expansive beach deck with overhead heaters to warm those cooler coastal nights. The chef’s kitchen is awash in white marble, while the spacious yet cozy living area and private master suite, with dual shower and spa tub, capture never-ending ocean views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Thanksgiving Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

As a child, it is no shock that Christmas and my Birthday were my favourite celebrations of the year, as I got into my teens and 20s things changed, and I always looked forward to celebrations like Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day… I am sure you can imagine why. As a matured, this coming weekend of celebration has taken the lead for my favourite holiday of the year. Crisp, colourful leaves, cool fall weather, food and family. If your family is anything like mine, it’s a large family gathering where everyone yells to talk over each other and we all over-eat, not just at the dinner table but over the whole weekend. I love the holidays. I love my family. I love eating. But the meaning behind the day is what I love most; being grateful for what you have, the food the family, the love. Growing up, every time we had a family get together,  even a weekend at the cottage with all our cousins, my mom would always put together a scavenger hunt for all the kids. It was never easy, and I know now the point was to keep us occupied for hours, and it worked, but it was always something we looked forward too. I plan on continuing this tradition with my family and what better way to do it then over a holiday that is meant for families to gather and feel grateful for one and other. So this holiday weekend, try something different with the kids and even the adults. I have attached my family gratitudes scavenger hunt below for you to print and share. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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Happy Thanksgiving


Collaboration is Key

I have talked before in another blog post about following the butterflies and putting yourself out there, describing how it was not an easy feat for me at first. Today I am going to touch more on the networking and social side of the industry rather than the visual marketing side. There is a big difference between getting your face out there in the marketing sense and getting your actual self out there at events and activities in the community.

Networking has never been my strong suit; but for the past two years, I have made it my mission to go out to as many events, lunches, seminars, golf games, and volunteer opportunities as I can sanely fit in my schedule.  Networking with other people in your career field is often considered one of the most important aspects of growing your business and sharing your ideas. Unfortunately, some people just don’t like doing it, like myself. I have lived and learned, and although I still have a long way to go, I was able to make a couple changes in my approach which made the experience not just more beneficial but more enjoyable.
The main reason I didn’t like it at first was that it did not feel organic. I would say that I am a social person, and I do love socializing, but it tends to be in the comfort of my own circle. Get me out of that zone, and I am a fish out of water. I do love meeting new people, I just am not the greatest at walking up to someone, passing them my card, and bombarding them with the typical questions; are you from around here? What do you do for a living? Even typing it out bores me. What I found I was looking for, was a more meaningful connection and stimulating conversation. I learned that taking a more organic approach is what worked best for me. I am not a “pushy salesperson,” and sometimes that can be a shortcoming in certain situations. Unless you come up and ask me what I do for a living, I probably will not tell you that I am a realtor.
Some of the more obvious benefits of networking include increased leads, industry connections, new insights and perspectives, career opportunities, brand recognition, and personal exposure; all great things and are all integral components of running a successful business no matter what career field you are in.
What I have learned is to not go into a networking opportunity with the mindset of the above objectives being my priority. Personally, I found it takes all the humanity out of the process and inhibits me from truly being myself because I am doing one thing with the expectation of another… if that makes any sense. Instead, I use these tips which help me feel more comfortable and prepared.

1)    Depending on the event, prepare some complex questions ahead of time related to the topic. If there is no topic or theme, think of some deeper more personal questions which might invoke deeper conversations and help you feel more connected with people.
2)    Reach out to new people on social media before an event. Create a post and tag the event prior to attending, I have found that people are more likely to introduce themselves to “familiar strangers” they have encountered before rather than complete strangers
3)    Hang out around the bar… sounds bad but it tends to be where people congregate, and it doesn’t hurt that they tend to be chattier as well.
4)    Don’t forget to smile. This sounds corny, but I catch myself all the time; I am either people watching in my own world, or looking at my phone with a look of concern or what some might call “resting bitch face” without even realizing.
5)    It helps if you have someone introduce you or endorse you. Most business comes from word of mouth recommendations as they are the most trustworthy form of advertising. This point is key to my approach. If you make one organic connection a month, strengthen that connection, even better make a friend; not only does that person enrich your life, but they can preach your name. It is a chain reaction which doesn’t involve handing out 100’s of business cards that get thrown in the garbage at the end of the day; at least that’s I do with most of mine. If I can’t remember who gave it to me, why would I keep it?
6)    In terms of keeping the conversation going, I have to make a point of actively listening. This may sound obvious, but in my typical anxious state, I tend to be thinking about what I will say next rather than what they are actually saying. Inquire about their lives, this part is easier if you have some less generic questions lined up. Throw a curveball and get into the more in-depth topics, everyone loves to talk about themselves, and no one likes to talk about the weather…. Its awkward.
7)    Most importantly follow up with whoever you felt the most connected with after the event.

These might not work for everyone, but they worked for me, or should I say are working for me as I still get awkward from time to time. However, I know that putting myself out there and meeting other knowledgeable people in my field will only help me grow as a person and in my business. I have found success and built confidence over the past two years, not to mention made some fantastic friends and excellent connections. There are too many benefits in networking to ignore the practice altogether, so take some time to plan it out and make it work for you.


I wake up every morning, and the first thing I do is go online to see what the new listings are for the day. I love seeing new houses come up. The second thing I do is go to my “watch list” to see if any of the houses I am keeping an eye on have sold. Some homes sell in a matter of days and others can last months. The market determines a large part of this. We currently just went through a crazy seller’s market these past few years where homes were on the MLS for a couple of days, sometimes hours, but that is not always the case. As things are starting to slow down, we have already begun to see homes on the market for a month or more. This does not mean there is anything wrong with them. Continue reading


When I did my real estate exam back in 2012 I was living in Alberta and did it because I had to for my then current position in retail leasing. I loved my job and was annoyed at the fact that to get my license I also had to go through not just the residential portion of the course but also the rural real estate portion. Have a question about different types of soil or crop varieties? I am your person, which is ironic because I cannot keep a plant alive for the life of me. I always loved residential real estate, buying and selling as an investment and decorating as a hobby, but the idea of becoming a realtor was just not for me. This was for one main reason: the idea of having my face on bus stops, garbage can, or billboard. The idea of this terrified me. This is still a fear of mine, which is why when I decided to switch from commercial real estate to residential real estate I went with Sotheby’s, not because of their brand and what they stand for which I now love, but in my initial research it was because of their strict advertising guidelines. Continue reading