As one of my professional goals for 2017 I decided to set up a blog on my website. I want to have an avenue where I can tie in everything I am passionate about. Because I am so passionate about my career, as my family and friends know all too well, they will get to hear less and you will get to hear more of those hot topics throughout the year. I will also include some Lifestyle: I honestly do not see myself as a sales person but more like a match maker. That sounds corny I know, but what my day involves is introducing people to different homes until they find the one they love. That’s the home that they can picture their life in, the one that gives them the lifestyle they are looking for… I know that’s why I picked my own house.

After you find your perfect match… I then become the wedding planner. This analogy is too funny because all through high school I dreamt of becoming a wedding planner until the day I had to plan my own. No longer something I would ever want to do again. Negotiating and closing deals on a house… I could do all day! The last thing I will include in this blog is, Design: over the years it has turned into such a passion and hobby of mine that whenever I get asked questions about a project I have done I love sharing the details, and this is the perfect place to do that. I thought since it was my first entry I would start with something light and fun. So here are 10 things you probably don’t know about me;

1) I have lived and had a driver’s licenses in a total of 4 provinces – BC, NS, ON, AB… back to BC

2) I have camped in the Amazon jungle. Not in a tent, in a hammock tied between 2 trees.

3) We originally named our first dog “Baxter” but changed it after a week because we could not stop quoting Anchorman and it got annoying.

4) One of my favourite things to do in the summer is go crabbing, drop the trap before work, and pick it up on my way home. I could eat fresh crab every night for the rest of my life.

5) I do not have a green thumb… I can kill everything from succulents, to cactuses, to air plants

6) My grandmother won the lottery twice, I feel like this makes my chances less likely, but I buy a ticket every time I fall in love with a house that is out of my price range.

7) One of my first jobs out of university was as a fake patient for Med school exams

8) I planned my own wedding twice… see above… I do not like planning weddings

9) One of my biggest dreams is to host a lip-sync battle… I struggle with the song selection of what I would perform if I ever follow through; it’s a toss-up between Def Leopard and Celine Dion

10) My husband was a rodeo cowboy for 6 years in Alberta until he retired and we moved back home to Victoria.

XO Kate