Spring is the season most people can’t wait for. It is my favourite season and for us living in Victoria we usually do not have to wait too long. This year has been a bit different, and although the flowers are starting to come out and the cherry blossoms are filling our streets with some much-needed colour, the gloom of winter rain still lingers. My body feels heavy and tired, the rain feels like it will never end, so I have decided to put together a list of things to do once the weather comes around… which I know it will.

Spring not only signifies new beginnings, it also happens to be the busiest time of year in the real estate market. Last year was crazy, I did not get much done other than work, work, work. This year I have decided to make time for myself and make sure I don’t miss out on all the things I love about spring in Victoria. This time of year, the city truly does come alive. My Husband and I started doing these seasonal lists a couple years ago. We each pick 3 things we would like to do together, or with friends, and make a point of scheduling it into our busy lives. I always like to include a good mix of activities that range in price.

Spring to do list:

1) High tea at the Empress. Spring is a great time to get dressed up with your girlfriends or family and spend the afternoon being treated like a queen at Victoria’s most historic and iconic building. The updated renovations make it that much better.

2) Check out the cherry blossoms in James Bay, Fairfield and Beacon Hill Park. Cherry blossoms are something we always brag about when the rest of the country is still under 2 feet of snow. There is always that time of year (now) when every other Facebook or Instagram post is of these beautiful blossoms.

3) Pick up a pre-packed gourmet picnic basket from Cheryl’s Gourmet Pantry in Cadboro Bay, or pack your own, and head out for a picnic. Cattle Point is my favourite spot to have a picnic.

4) Pick fresh flowers and fruit. I Love the variety of farms that allow you to enjoy the experience of picking it yourself. Here is a link to last years farms. 2017 has not been posted. http://www.islandfarmfresh.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/UPick2016.pdf

5) Drive West Saanich Road, and pick up fresh veggies from all the farm stands where everything is fresh, organic, and straight from the field.

6) Brunch at Vis a Vis in Oak Bay… sit in the back room, it’s an indoor patio with white brick walls and a beautiful European feel. Not to mention the brunch menu is amazing.

7) Have an afternoon fire and cookout at Goldstream Park. This is not just a summer thing, we actually did this in December just before the holidays with a group of friends. It’s such a great way to enjoy the day with friends and family.

8) Night Golf at Henderson. Now the course is not open at night but if you’re feeling like a rebel grab a couple glow in the dark balls from your local sports store (Golf Town in Millstream Village usually has stock), some glow sticks to put in the holes, and a nine iron, then head out.

9) Drive, bike, or walk Dallas Road. My husband and I try to do this every few weeks, it’s so breath taking. A fun way that I would like to try this spring would be to rent scooters and go all the way from James Bay to Cordova Bay.

These are the things on my list… What are some of the ones on yours?

Xo Kate