When I did my real estate exam back in 2012 I was living in Alberta and did it because I had to for my then current position in retail leasing. I loved my job and was annoyed at the fact that to get my license I also had to go through not just the residential portion of the course but also the rural real estate portion. Have a question about different types of soil or crop varieties? I am your person, which is ironic because I cannot keep a plant alive for the life of me. I always loved residential real estate, buying and selling as an investment and decorating as a hobby, but the idea of becoming a realtor was just not for me. This was for one main reason: the idea of having my face on bus stops, garbage can, or billboard. The idea of this terrified me. This is still a fear of mine, which is why when I decided to switch from commercial real estate to residential real estate I went with Sotheby’s, not because of their brand and what they stand for which I now love, but in my initial research it was because of their strict advertising guidelines.

Fast forward two years into my residential career and my view on what it means to be in my business is completely different. Many see realtors as sales people, but when it comes down to it I feel more like I am in customer service, which I love. The selling part that I struggle with getting used to, is the selling of myself. Although I am backed by one of the most well respected brands in the world, I ultimately am my brand. To me this sounds much easier than it is. I am not an extrovert person, but this is what I learned; In any given moment you have two options, either to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.

My goal this year, as opposed to my previous year goal, is to not spend money on prints ads in all the magazines with my small black and white picture in the bottom corner, hoping people will not recognize me. This year is about getting out there, putting myself front and center, whether in an ad, networking events, or community fundraisers. I force myself to do something uncomfortable every day and by stepping out of my box, I don’t have to settle for who I am, but work towards who I want to become. I cannot tell you what an impact that has had not just on my business, but also my personal life. Being a part of “The Influencers” feature in Boulevard Magazine at the start of this year was a clear example. When first presented with this opportunity I wanted to run for the hills, the whole process was so awkward and outside of anything I had done before. It was edgy, dark, and not the usual clean, bright imagery I love to showcase. The results and the feedback I got from that feature still impact me on a weekly basis. It just goes to show that if you have butterflies in your tummy, follow them. Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.